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Don Ajamian Construction, Inc.


Construction, Repair, and Improvement

About Us

Don Ajamian started in the construction industry as a young boy working for his father. During summer breaks, Don would help his dad by restacking bricks (for a penny a piece), or nailing down
plywood on a flat roof (for a penny per nail). One summer
day, the plan backfired on Mr. Ajamian. Don, age 10 drove over
500 nails into one piece of plywood before his father had realized it! True to his word, Mr. Ajamian paid his young son $5.00 at the end of that summer day… a lot of money for a kid in the early 70’s. Much has changed since those days: Wages have increased, construction techniques have improved, and the industry has become more complex. However, Don has never forgotten the tried and true lessons of his father: Provide high quality at a fair price and always deliver what you promise. Don became a licensed general contractor in 1990. The first 14 years of Don's business operations focused on commercial and residential framing. Don founded and managed a company that completed commercial framing
projects all over northern California and southern Oregon. During this time the company ranks swelled to over 100
employees. In 2004, Don decided to focus his energies on general contracting and developing, and Don Ajamian
Construction, Inc. was founded. Since 2004, Don Ajamian Construction has completed numerous commercial and residential projects including custom homes, multi-unit developments and church facilities.

Please feel free to contact Don Ajamian Construction, Inc. if you have any questions or comments.

CSLB# 721195


  • Customized contracting
  • General
  • Residential
  • Shasta County
  • Butte County


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