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Catalyst Domestic Violence Services


Crisis Intervention

About Us

We recognize, respect and understand each individual’s unique path in life with compassion and an open mind. We often reach beyond what we know, as we think outside the box to better help and empathize with another human’s personal experience. As we continue to grow and learn from each new story, we increase our capacity to help the next person who comes through the door.

We prioritize safety by creating emotionally and physically safe spaces within our organization through confidential, compassionate, welcoming, and trauma-informed services. We promote this approach through education, advocacy, role-modeling, and holding our community accountable in creating violence-free environments.

We approach our work with the respect, safety, and honesty that everyone deserves in a relationship. We promote and model healthy relationships by practicing healthy boundaries and communication. Interactions with each other and participants are rooted in equality. We celebrate valuing ourselves as an essential component to valuing others.

We make choices about our thoughts, actions and reactions by embracing our vulnerability and accepting feedback. We are respectful, thoughtful and honest in how we respond to the circumstances in our world.

We identify the importance of preventing the occurrence of violence. We achieve this by speaking up, speaking out, and having the courage to hold ourselves and others accountable. We know that violence needs to be addressed on multiple levels and are committed to unifying and empowering our community to make change.


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