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Butte County EMS Membership provides protection, savings and peace of mind for those concerned about the cost of ambulance service. This prepaid specialized health care plan can provide medically necessary ground ambulance transportation at no cost or reduced cost when provided by Butte County EMS.

The average cost of transport by an Advanced Life Support ground ambulance in Butte County is approximately $3,000. Most insurance plans cover 50 percent to 80 percent of ambulance charges. Butte County EMS Membership covers the portion of the Butte County EMS services that an insurance company or Medicare applies to co-insurance or deductibles for medically necessary transports. The plan does not cover ambulance service costs when you are transported by another ambulance service.

The Membership is not an insurance policy or a substitute for insurance. Rather, members assign their benefits from their insurer to Butte County EMS. If a member is uninsured at the time of service, the member will be responsible to pay Butte County EMS $500. Butte County EMS will determine whether a transport is medically necessary based on established regional and 911 protocols.

If you are currently in a health maintenance organization (HMO) or other health insurance, the benefits provided by an Ambulance Plan may duplicate the benefits provided by your HMO or other health insurance. If you have a question regarding whether your HMO or other health insurance offers benefits for ambulance services, you should contact that company directly.



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