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Tiny Pine Foundation


Construction, Repair, and Improvement

About Us

Tiny Pine Foundation
In December 2018, a mission was born to build 10 tiny homes with the help of donations and volunteers, aimed at supporting those who had lost everything in California wildfires.

The journey began after the Camp Fire destroyed 11,000 homes in a single day, igniting a passion to provide immediate, tangible support to fire survivors. With no prior construction experience, the founder immersed in learning about tiny homes through thousands of YouTube videos, constructing the first tiny home in early 2019 and gifting it to a fire survivor. In the first year, 20 homes were funded through public and corporate donations, grants, and fundraisers, resulting in 13 completed and gifted homes to Camp Fire survivors.

This grassroots effort has since evolved into the Tiny Pine Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The foundation continues to build tiny homes in Oroville, California, and has expanded its efforts to Oregon, constructing homes for those affected by the 2020 Almeda Fire.

In response to recent wildfire seasons, the Tiny Pine Foundation has provided essential disaster relief, aiding survivors and evacuees with basic necessities such as camping gear, gift cards, clothing, hotel stays, groceries, and hot meals. The organization also offers the reassuring presence that people care, and that their struggles are acknowledged and supported.

Tiny Pine Foundation remains dedicated to its mission, continuously working to help those in need and provide comfort and stability to families who have faced devastating losses.



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