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The Paradise-Opoly Board Game

The Paradise-Opoly Board Game

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What do you do when a beloved town and community is destroyed in a wildfire? You memorialize it in the form of a board game!

Paradise-Opoly is a Monopoly parody themed after the quaint mountain town of Paradise, California that was tragically devastated in the Camp Fire on November 8th, 2018. Paradise-Opoly takes the classic game mechanics of the original beloved Monopoly game and themes it around the rich history and culture of Paradise. Complete with custom metal playing pieces, re-designed houses and hotels(into tents and log cabins) and a vast inclusion of past and present businesses, landmarks and traditions, Paradise-Opoly is sure to appeal to both die-hard locals and the every-day mountain town lover. With a detailed information booklet included, anybody can learn about the people, places and things you come across in the game.

Paradise-Opoly was created by a Paradise local to commemorate the towns history and culture after the devasting Camp Fire of 2018 nearly wiped out the town. Over three years have been spent developing the game involving extensive input from the community as to what should be included from the towns history.

''I wanted a multi-generational feel to the context of the game. It's very detailed and nuanced to our little town's character'', says Tanner Stauss, the creator, ''I knew it would have to be local approved to be a hit in the community. It really brings a nostalgic feeling of home when you play.''

Paradise-Opoly is officially available at paradise-opoly.com or in local retail shops listed at paradise-opoly.com/retailers.


Special edition custom wood box
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Creator, Tanner Stauss, with Poppy and Henry of Donkey Derby fame
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Kids coloring contest at the Gold Nugget Days James Square Craft Fair
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