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Paradise Veterans Group - see comments before calling

Paradise Veterans Group - see comments before calling

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About Us

Paradise Veterans Group is a band of veterans assembled to discuss current events and help out in our community. PVG represents:
VFW – Veterans Of Foreign Wars/Auxiliary (for women who served in foreign wars.) or spouses.

American Legion-Military service with at least one day of active military duty during certain dates.

DAV- Disabled American Veterans or individuals who have served and are applying/or have applied for VA disability. PVG will make every effort to help you with make contact with the people who can help with your needs:

1) Gain access to prior medical/service records while in the military.

2) Gain access to computers, WI-FI, or file for VA Disability, continued education, applications for emergency funds, continue camaraderie with people who served/spouses of those who served.

3) Member Discounts

4) Opportunities to help: volunteer hours, and support local youth.

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