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Compac’s operating system borrows from established practice. But it is also unique. We use a computer smart system to control the events of production. Our system does not permit work outside of preprogrammed manufacturing sequences and acceptance parameters. Specifically, pay can not be accrued, processes will not start and machinery will not run without the system’s direction. Consequently, if work occurs, it occurs within the system’s preprogrammed boundaries or not at all. Although boundaries for a given product can be modified, access is restricted to the highest levels of management. As histories develop, adjustments are made to solve unanticipated problems and otherwise optimize the design replication process. Its structure will accommodate special needs. For example, we can alter the level of scrutiny, expand or loosen control parameters or add destructive tests.Its programmed nature seeks to reward success.Conversely, problem production is automatically identified. And, inspection level or scrutiny is increased accordingly.

Employees are trained to operate equipment and system interfaces. However, preprogrammed code directs events and makes actual choices required to insure successful production results.

The system incorporates a high degree of input objectivity. Although data covering spoilage, employee production efficiency, inventory, machinery and product performance are on line at all times, the system can not easily be subverted or capriciously manipulated.


  • Flow, temperature, and heavy duty switches
  • Vertical mtd, side mtd, ext stem & multi-level switches
  • Flow indicators
  • Temperature probes
  • Pump controls

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