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Center for Spiritual Living Paradise

Center for Spiritual Living Paradise


About Us

The Center for Spiritual Living Paradise honors and embraces our supportive, spiritual family and we welcome you! We bless and respect the diversity among us as we honor all paths that lead to God, knowing there is more than one way to find and worship God and that every way is the right way.

We are a metaphysical teaching Center. Our principles include: we believe in the unity of all life, a deep belief of using affirmative prayer as a spiritual, healing practice, and knowing the presence of God resides within each one of us. We are all One; All are Welcome; All are Divine.

We lost our beloved spiritual home of seven decades to the Camp Fire. We anticipate finding a new physical location in Paradise in 2022. Meanwhile, we are meeting virtually on the Zoom platform and live streaming on FaceBook. More information can be found on our new website:

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