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Center for Spiritual Living Chico

Center for Spiritual Living Chico


About Us

In October 2022, Center for Spiritual Living Paradise integrated with Center for Spiritual Living Chico. The integration was exciting and felt like an expansion of our Paradise Center rather than any kind of closure. CSL Chico is well established with many opportunities for outreach and community services.

Vision Statement: We inspire and empower people to live their Spiritual Magnificence, transforming our world through unity, love, joy, peace and wisdom.

Mission Statement: We provide spiritual education, tools, and practices that uplift hearts, expand minds and transform lives for a better world.provides spiritual tools and practices to transform personal lives thereby helping make the world a better place. We are a spiritual community that honors all paths to the Divine Universal Source. We join together and learn how to experience a personal relationship with that Divine. When we are connected to that Divine Source, we are aligned with our Truth and can demonstrate a happier life, give to others, and become better stewards of the Earth, bringing peace and harmony to the world.

Our Paradise history: The Center was chartered in 1958 as the Paradise Church of Religious Science. The church center was located at 789 Bille Road for seven decades prior to the Camp Fire. After the fire destroyed our beloved Center, the only thing left standing was our Peace Pole. The pole, with its beautiful butterfly, was ceremoniously "planted" at CSL Chico on the fourth anniversary of the Camp Fire.

For more information about the Chico Center visit https://www.cslchico.org.


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