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Assemblyman James Gallagher


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I have lived in the North State my entire life and like you, I know that our values are second to none. We look out for one another, and we know the hard work it takes to put food on our table. We know that each mom and pop store, each school and each hardworking family means jobs, education for our children and a better way of life.

We need effective leadership that will stand up for our rights in the region. I believe I have the right background to be that champion. Growing up on a farm, I understand agriculture and the water that is its lifeblood. As a small business owner I know what it takes to balance budgets and make payroll. As someone who has studied the law, I have the tools to fight in the arena of Sacramento. I have dedicated my life to being an advocate for farmers and small business and I will be a strong advocate for the North State.

My family instilled in me that the great things of community are not free – they are brought about by sacrifice, service and hard work. I cannot stand idly by and watch their legacy be destroyed by out of touch politicians and special interests. That is why I am running for State Assembly. I want to work with you to preserve our values so that this State can again become a land of opportunity.

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